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tv   [untitled]    May 31, 2011 5:00am-5:29am EDT

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europe's most wanted war criminal she's fighting extradition to the hague. a top european court rejects claims by russian tycoon mikhail khodorkovsky that his prosecution was politically motivated but this is the sort of four hours after qatar calls these latest data for freedom all the details coming up in a few moments. financial. investor geisha into spanish banks reveals that a large number have been cashing in on the shady business of illegal arms.
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were costing lives from the heart of the russian capital you're watching r.t. we start with serbia where a former army chief charged with ordering the massacre but eight thousand muslims and ninety ninety five waits at the sit in on his extradition appeal. which is expected in the hague any day now but his supporters believe justice won't be on his side in that and his country has been in the great since the former generals arrest as more. bringing justice to thousands of victims that's one self-proclaimed success of the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia and it's ready to deliver some more serbia prepares to extradite former bosnian serb army chief that can live which. he's accused of crimes against humanity and origin in
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one nine hundred ninety five massacre in the village of three but he needs. despite living on the run for sixteen years and having suffered two strokes the sixty nine year old general has been deemed fit enough to stand trial i guess that's what it will most likely leave this special court house of el great to be transported to the hague war crimes tribunal but not one person we have spoken to police he will get a fair trial there surely a lot of evidence to back up the serbs distrust of the i c t y so what do the people here based their judgment on a lot of people here in serbia are skeptical about the some of the practices of the high hague tribunal and some of its record for instance because slobodan milosevic died in prison without the conviction then for us war criminals are generally knowledge that as a war criminals here in serbia like around with what i mean are from costs of all life. muslim commanders have actually been acquitted after. sudden they're
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thought witnesses or after the tribunals simply concluded that there was not enough evidence how did they isn't by only means the only example taker and kosovo prime minister. has been accused by the council of europe of being in charge of an organ trafficking group and still remains in his post bosnian general nothing order each was known among the serb residents of the district of stripping it's a vampire for allegedly kind of throws of thousands of civilians he was. three cleared of all charges and former military leaders seven of each accused of mass murders during the balkan war in one nine hundred ninety s. entered politics having also avoided justice. this many suggest is a very clear indicator that the hague tribunal is being used as
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a political tool not a legal one or call it was a. is it justice or something else events that happened in the balkans where there question of law geopolitics or someone else's interests i believe that all the peoples of the former yugoslavia of victims and probably if we let ourselves be involved in is more in the twentieth century for the third time for the sake of foreign interests and no one emerged as a winner. in crisis was created much earlier has long been unfolding before our eyes and it has nothing to do with law or justice and the law of this tribunal is going to provide a cover for it. that doesn't believe his father will get a fair trial but at the very least the hague will offer him better treatment or. you don't need to be an expert who understands what my father is in a very poor condition you can't even read he has to go through thousands of pages to be able to testify in court but he simply unable to do that he has difficulties
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with speech to limit how will he consult with his lawyers it's impossible or difficult problems with his memory he may remember things that happened long ago the same time he can remember what happened yesterday or the day before yesterday how can a person with these health problems appear in court with them about where you spend . their i.c.t. why is meant after more than just good medical care the europe's lady justice is accused of turning a blind eye just really is opinions and has been for some time i'm not at all surprised because when the law of conflict was at its height the western media including the british media was far from objectively. will understand why the serbian people demonstrated against the rest of. it because they were accustomed to the fact that the western media always behaved a bad name during the conflict and the osun for myself
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a war crime in bosnia at a place called blood which was completely ignored by the new dear. leader photographic evidence of the massacre of. civilians in the town serbia's ministry of justice is called the ministry of truth if it reads the ship back on the beach after the trial that's likely to confirm what a lot of serbs believe that it stands for any other. cashiers r r t belgrade serbia. coming out war torn lives. difficult to look at you have to look at that because you have a few you know put them in their respective body bags or send them to their back to family. soldiers who returned home and. why they had to witness the horrors of the risk was the problem isn't even being talked about. the
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european court of human rights has ruled that the case against russia's jailed will talk to me. was not politically motivated whenever it was found his rights were violated as arrest in two thousand and three because he is currently serving a jail sentence for stealing billions of dollars from what was russia's largest oil company let's get more on this war correspondent. what exactly did the court rule today. kerry in this latest twist in this story involving. the court of european court of human rights has rejected the claims by the russian tycoon back his trial his prosecution has been politically motivated now right from the onset protocols he has been making these claims that one of the reasons aside from having headed one of the of biggest companies oil companies then is the fact that this has been captivating because he has been claiming that the russian political elite were involved in maneuvering this case well as of today the
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european court has rejected these claims and have put that matter to settle now another point though that they did agree with qatar calls he is that's a violation of human rights abuse of his rights with regard to his arrest his trial and the conditions of his detention were they did order the russian court to pay thirty five thousand dollars in compensation for what are called however the a moscow court said that they will appeal this decision if they find any grounds to do so so these are the latest from the european court of human rights. and so on monday holocaust also falls for parole in the courts. what's the latest on that you know that's right well this isn't the first time that he has tried to bid for for parole that in two thousand and eight his bid was rejected however this time the court has acknowledged that they have received this request if there is they're processing it they're looking at it and they say that we will come up with a decision in about two weeks and just to give you
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a background he was convicted in two thousand and four for fraud and he was sentenced to eight years which he is currently serving and then in two thousand and ten he was convicted to another fourteen years which was reduced to thirteen years and according to his lawyers he has every right to sue a bit for parole at this point because he has served half of his sentence so the lawyers will want to speculate what the results will be but according to the course they will try to come up with a decision as swiftly as possible and it shouldn't take more than two weeks to do so. she's just also reporting from most thank you for that. other news now fresh explosions have been heard early on tuesday night and libyan capital tripoli came just hours after turning the dothan symbol he was ready to accept a cease fire and to toss in a south african presence there so there was not holding back on its own slopes the scenes in this for the presence of the profits helicopters front of us the bombs the warheads have all that is arrived at an italian base where pilots who fly
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missions are moving targets journalist planes for the like to live in madison told r.t. that guardian alliance really has its bunker busters with the i might still be a hard nut to crack. the situation is getting worse for the west in libya i think when they first thought they could pull it through pin two months ago and basically bomb the country into a democracy they thought this is going to be quite a quick process where they could basically keep their. distance hold bonds into libya get rid of gadhafi and then everything will be alright no obviously that isn't the case and the introduction of these new bunker busting bomb from the apache helicopters are inevitably going to make this worse they could bring about severe civilian casualties in libya and i think also recap desperation maybe making a lot of noise and for a lot of very expensive baum's over the last couple of months but those who have done very little well they've ripped
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a good democratic initiative from the libyan people and taken it into the hands of a small elite of western leaders through the no fly zone was implemented as soon as the decision was made by cameron by thought the by obama in for bein in what was effect could be a civil war basically just throw aside the whole idea of national sovereignty and say we're going to intervene on behalf of the libyan people the poor helpless libyan people who can't pay their own back into their own and then really it was a very slippery slope from the office. yet. you know no fly zone to mean to potentially ground troops it's very hard to predict what's going to happen but by no means should be ruled out or you could happen and it could happen very soon they get to try and end this conflict but they don't really know how to do it so i think they're going to throw everything at it and see what sticks. so there's more nato bombs raining down on the gear it's come to that one nato member has been supplying
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arms to the libyan leader several large spanish banks are reported to have been financed and out of cluster bombs. and since two thousand and eight the sarah ferguson story. just one striking cluster bombs can spread thousands of smaller explosives a very expensive areas often failing to explode children mistake the controversial devices something to play with these in toys fighting to populated areas as they were in misrata recently they almost guarantees civilian deaths and it's why more than a hundred countries have panned their production the markings on the shells found in the libyan city belonged to spanish company instead. there were arms that one twenty's are prohibited that were purchased by the afi that were used against the residential area in these rubber and they were produced by a spanish company and financed. to just how did the forces come to acquire spanish
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made arms in two thousand and seven in stiller's and made the most of the lifting of the arms sanctions against libya as a trickily regime fell back into favor with the west spanish company won a contract to supply into these forces one twenty weapon and did so until two thousand and eight when spain signed up to the international convention banning cluster munitions. but with libya now once again the enemy spain as part of nato trying to insert fighting the regime itself helped to arm the trail goes back much further to spanish banks which provided the financial power to instill larger to make their deadly weapons of war if you want to bring this thing forward uses as kind of a way to illustrates what link there is between a bank. civilian deaths conflicts because to me missions convention planning the
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production and use of cluster bombs has seen many countries including spain sign up but there's a loophole there is one article in the mission convention article one see that's. about a prohibition to assist and a lot of countries countries have already integrated this article as also containing in. spain has not yet gone so it means the last insta last longer produce and sell close to me nations spanish banks can continue investing in their manufacture spanish n.g.a. said tens investigations have uncovered this plane alone had fourteen banks involved in financing nineteen makers of possible. b.b.b. a is the spanish bank that's been most active financing for pieces of controversial weapons and it's exactly this kind of large scale financing that can cain is now trying to rein in pushing for the development of all right past policies to ensure the banks are held accountable but without legislation there remains
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a direct link not only between the weapons producers and the banks that finance them between banks and the customers buying some locks really transparent about what they are using the savings savers money for so it's not easy to pointed out many of the banks named in the investigation and now coming forward to say their policies on funding arms production out change but until that happens in the murky world of arms production war remains a profitable business. r.t. . but one of the more of the stories we're covering log on to our website r.t. dot com this is a selection of what we have online for one of russia's richest media tycoon sets and create these grandiose projects by merging his recent assets case they've made the pendant the russian take. on special villages created for orphan children are being established across russia to bring happiness to those
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deprived of parental affection. and that's not all folks are the first of a comics department opens up the mosque in university to that class and go check out the cartoon papers at our website dot com. now while the u.s. has been ordering its dead soldiers the government's he's going to queues of troops to make it but for more of the hive it's marines are left to adjust to the life of the service with them selves and are struggling to make sense and justify the deaths caused by the war in iraq now ti's report not one former soldier has accounted for milling jewett's translight on the harsh life of returning soldiers.
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thank you very much into the infinite world of literature and here's this twenty eight year old ex marine an american who abandoned her weapon for written words to tell a story she says is kept censored from u.s. citizens even though people may know that in fact i don't think that they understand that we. all that it takes and things that work. the literal and the dead bodies they were me. i couldn't figure out why are we. ordering again why are we here why are we doing this you know and it was this person's life or third jessica dels memoir shade it black details a traumatic and human account of war in two thousand and four google spent eight months in iraq collecting cataloging bagging and boxing the bodies of dead marines at the mortuary affairs unit and experience no u.s.
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president who's declared war has ever endured it was the result of an explosion there could be several cases sometimes that would require us to you know. under a truck or call in the trucks or. just as you mentioned. you know what. was this that you can get back for the families could tell pieced fallen soldiers back together after receiving body bags filled with limbs on one occasion a bag she processed was carrying only the heads of her comrades we didn't know what we were seeing when we had opened up the bag we didn't know what was in the bag. when we had gotten that particular body bag so when we're done zip to you know as soon as you call that the flag when you see that it's had sealed mediately you know what the way i mean it's difficult to look at but you have to look at that because you have to you know put them in their respective body bags or send them to the
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fact that family nearly four thousand five hundred u.s. soldiers have returned from iraq in caskets more than fifteen hundred flown in from america's other war in afghanistan that was a marine there for the millions who do make it home alive many like adele are tormented by memories post-traumatic stress disorder depression and substance abuse i couldn't leave my apartment you know i didn't have friends and pop to anybody. and a lot of it you can't deal with. you know until it that you know i suffer from flashbacks . nightmares and i i couldn't process that i had a really hard to make sense of. more than six years later goodell says she's still searching for reasons to justify the damage and death caused by the u.s. war in iraq as a marine she did what she was told as a civilian she questions why u.s. leaders glorify soldiers as heroes but neglect to speak about the consequences of
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their service i don't know that the government respects my friends because there is a fact and i don't think that they would these places. carry out what they're asking us so i don't think that that's like they're. clearing the war is the prerogative of politicians over the decades the u.s. wars have resulted in a reported twenty three million american veterans and many left struggling to adjust to life following the battle or a shift from fighting an innings to fighting demons or enough arty may work. but it's not just what he brags that the u.s. government is keeping hidden from the public the u.s. supreme court has rejected the last seem to against an airline accused of helping the cia transferred detainees to secret prisons where they were eventually tortured
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course officials say the crown to turn down cases that could expose to what secrets it's called honest and it's told of the situation puts fundamental american values in the firing line. this is a very serious and very damaging decision that the supreme court has just issued by refusing to hear this case they leave in place a ruling that essentially says the federal government whenever they choose can stop a lawsuit on the grounds of what is called state privilege or state security without any judicial oversight is very dangerous and particularly in light of the decision by the congress to approve the very contentious parts of the patriot act that allow a wide expansive level of surveillance that wire taps etc by the government this is a very very difficult very challenging environment for the rights of people in this
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country our constitution guarantees us the right of free speech the right of free association but all of those things now are threatened by this kind of ruling. out some other international news making headlines this hour. afghan president hamid karzai says he will no longer nato air strikes as the insurance plans are slower subunit casualties his speech follows a recent botched strike that killed twelve children two women in them province and . as i said it's one of the last attack of its kind nato says this. war against internal bones agency. in yemen the un's human rights office says government fifty people have been killed by government forces since that time since the interjects hunted that dozens of them and seized it over
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the opposition claims the president tension surrendered control of the area to show how chaotic he would later violent clashes have raged for three months with small forces and protesters want the president to be. in turkey thousands have marked the first anniversary of the deadly israeli assault on a chip around four dollars or nine people were killed in the break which led to a breakdown in already strained ties and whatever is trouble. in new turkish the term is being ready to deliver supplies in the second half of june israeli military officials say troops have been training for months to intercept any ships from gaza with a promise to use different tactics. elite u.s. government report claims haitian authorities significantly exaggerated the death toll from last year's devastating earthquake the document says it is or six times higher than they should have been mentioned government claimed another three hundred thousand were killed the country has already received two billion dollars
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in aid from international organizations and governments but it says it needs another eleven billion for reconstruction. first check out. of you. and on a very warm welcome time for your business update it's described in the german press as the energy equivalent of the fall of the berlin wall well the next decade germany plans to phase out all of its nuclear power and public concern about its safety natural gas there's likely to be main fuel that will fill that gap. in my view. the government indicates that we want a new bridge technology replacing nuclear technology and that is gas for the first time there is gas explicitly mentioned in the six point action plan that was released months ago and now the i think the commission also mentioned gas as the
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one for solid fuel as a bridge technology will russia play a more important role of course russia is the most important gas exporter to germany the new pipeline project so it will to my view support. importance of russia for the european and german gas market. let's take a quick check on the markets world prices down from earlier losses on tuesday asked russia hope that europe is moving closer to a solution to its solvent that helped to prop up the euro against the dollar is trading at around one hundred one dollars a barrel branches at one hundred fifteen dollars european stocks are rising on reports germany could make concessions on a new a package for greece easing concerns over euro zone cat. two percent our food say is also on the rise nearing six thousand points after the long holiday weekend. and
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here in moscow they are testing the mice it's a posting significant gains this sound that now have a look at some of the individual moves on the my stocks may just among the main gains to meet high current prices on shares are also up supported by strong first quarter results profits russia's biggest lender just three point one billion dollars but analyst expectations. while the summer months saw is typically a time consolidation and corrections on brush and stock exchanges but. capital believes there are still success stories that could drive the market. of the most liquid means. would continue or perform. i would demand grossly goodness i would point to stories for workers were for example as you know the government decided to export over cultural groups and names
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like the would be affirmative pointers from the poorest of the poor good or perform in the short term. overall i think your ex-wife would continue to believe in those results as has been the best performing in the minds of those performing in europe of. those because delivered to the birds performance you have put the needs of the falls on the level of the hopes. is to look again at stories like a. global wheat prices have dropped the most in almost three weeks that's after russia lifted its export ban imposed last year's the country coped with the worst drought for a century the weather this year in russia has been more favorable for farmers however weak futurists have jumped almost eight percent in the past year floods damaged crops in canada and australia. russia has banned the import of german and spanish vegetables following a deadly outbreak of e.
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coli in europe but covered raw vegetables including tomatoes cucumber salad however the section may be applied to all european countries of the situation doesn't improve it while spam went on the defensive saying there is no proof that the cholera outbreak has been caused by spanish vegetables official reports claimed the deadly strain has already killed up to fourteen people in germany and made three hundred seriously ill. more news in less than one hour's time stay with us.
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to live not only next to the big guns of the egypt but also on the border of peace and war. they are responsible not only for themselves. but also for their loved ones and they are ready to take any risk. the book a. novel jump street an orgy. fast food.


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